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13th Aug, 2014

Great Ropewalks Litter Pick
by Kartik Rajput on August 13, 2014 20:40


At JCI Liverpool, we care deeply about bringing positive change and making a real difference to our local community. On Saturday 2nd August members of our Chamber, with support from Liverpool City Council and local volunteers, took part in the Great Ropewalks Litter Pick initiative to help clean up one of the most iconic areas of our city.

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Everyone involved met on a cold, wet and grey morning at Arthouse Square, behind the FACT building. After a quick coffee and a short briefing the volunteers were issued with the necessary equipment and headed out as a group to begin the litter picking crusade.

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Despite the rain, the feeling of being soaked did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm and determination within the party. Through team work, conversation and humour, everyone was able to come together as a unified team. The weather also helped to generate a sense of camaraderie, which kept going throughout. This was indeed needed, as there were occasions when litter had to be removed from some awkward places. Quite an unusual way of team bonding, but very effective, and importantly for a good cause. By 2pm the first Great Ropewalks Litter Pick had finished and everyone returned to Arthouse Square tired but elated, at what we had all achieved together.

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This was such an enriching experience for me, because I was able to help make a difference and set a positive example, to the local community. I felt privileged, to not only have taken part in this initiative, but also to have worked with a great group of people, and make a small but valuable contribution to the city of Liverpool, that I care so deeply about. I had never taken part in such a community event before. As a member of JCI Liverpool, I wanted to take part in this initiative, to help make the Ropewalks that little bit better. The whole experience was not just rewarding for me in the sense of working with my fellow JCI members, but also to engage with the local community and other volunteers, who were kind enough to support us in our endeavours. The end result was not only worthwhile, but I also found it to be great fun, despite the rainy weather.

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JCI Liverpool would like to thank Liverpool City Council, AMEY, the residents and traders of the Ropewalks for all their wonderful and kind support for this initiative. Also a special mention is needed for JCI Liverpool member and Chairman of the Ropewalks Residents Association, Peter Schriewersmann, who did a fantastic job organising the event and liaising with all the other parties.

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Author - Ben Cross

JCI Liverpool's next event is Go Ape Tree Top Adventure which is taking place on Saturday 20th September.

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22nd Jul, 2014

In comparison to the pre-Internet age, the rise of digital media has seen many changes to how business is done. As a result business leaders and managers have more of a responsibility to identify and adapt to new challenges in an online world.

JCI Liverpool, in partnership with the Institute of Directors (IoD), recently held an event as part of the International Festival of Business (IFB2014). To fit the theme of Knowledge, Creative & Digital the invited guest speakers included Sofie Sandell, Bryan Adams and Mike Ryan to host a training session dedicated to the subject of business challenges and how to overcome them. The purpose was to explain about the problems they have faced in their varied careers and how they came through the other side by identifying and adapting to future trends.

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Sofie is a professional speaker and trainer, advising business leaders on how to make better use of digital tools within their organisations. Sofie’s presentation included how social media can be effective as a communication tool and how if used properly it can be used to create your brand online. In addition, she also explained how important it is for businesses and individuals to know their values and vision.

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Bryan is founder and CEO of Ph.Creative, a highly successful digital marketing agency based in Liverpool. He explained how digital branding through social media applies to both individuals and business, outlining the importance of authenticity both online and offline. This is crucial, because differences between both, has the risk of negative impact resulting in brand damage and potential loss of profit and reputation. Bryan also expressed the importance of engaging your audience through storytelling, which despite the digital age, remains universally important as ever.

Mike is a highly successful entrepreneur and founder of Fusion Futures. By comparing the Industrial Revolution with the Digital Revolution of today, his presentation detailed how traditional industries and trades have been replaced by digital technology. He also talked about how bricks and mortar businesses have been superseded by the Internet, and the associated digital methods of social media that have transformed the ways of doing business. This has broken down barriers and increased transparency that empowers customers, with the ability to perform many business functions themselves, such as self publishing.

As a member of JCI Liverpool, I was particularly keen to see how I can could use this ideal opportunity to learn from experienced and successful individuals by learning from their own paths and overcome future challenges in my career. I gained considerable inspiration and insight from this event. For instance, it has given me a fresh impetus to define personal goals and to be equally aware of how important social media is as a tool for branding and promotional purposes, both for companies and enthusiastic professionals.

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In addition to the guest speakers, JCI Liverpool would like to express our thanks to Laura Beswick of BPP Professional Education for hosting the event and to Arif Mashood of the Mayur Restaurant for providing a buffet of delicious Indian food to finish off the evening in style.

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Author - Ben Cross

JCI Liverpool's next event is the Great Ropewalks Litter Pick which is taking place on Saturday 2nd August.

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1st Jul, 2014

Prince's Trust Networking Event
by Kartik Rajput on July 1, 2014 22:13


Friday evening on the 27th June saw the transformation of a previously empty shop front in Liverpool ONE into a networking hub par excellence. Now utilised by the University of Liverpool, they had offered up the space to the Prince’s Trust to hold a networking event for their staff, mentors, mentees, sponsors and selected guests. As a Business Specialist with HSBC, one of the Prince’s Trust key corporate sponsors, JCI Liverpool’s President, Kartik Rajput, already had close links with the organisation. Even so, it was fantastic to hear about the amazing job that the Prince’s Trust does in giving young adults the confidence, skills and advice in setting up their own business.

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The business professionals in the room described how much joy they got out of mentoring those who had been selected to graduate through the scheme. Being able to pass on words of wisdom and knowledge obtained over years of experience seemed to provide great satisfaction in giving something back, especially when that resulted in a fledgling start up finding its feet. There did seem to be some ingenious partnerings too, such as a jewelry maker working with a fire juggler or an engineer specialising in tidal energy technology helping a hair styling business get off of the ground.

Best of all was hearing the stories of success directly from those who had passed through and benefitted from the scheme. These included Dave, who gave up a promising career as a secondary school music teacher to pursue his dream of establishing a web design company. Or there was Alissa, who, based on her own experiences as a mother, designed, marketed and sold a teething bangle through her award winning company Izzy Melody. This has led to opportunities such as meeting the Prime Minister or hearing that her product adorns the wrist of royalty in the form of Prince George.

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The event was a fantastic opportunity to bring all these people under one roof to celebrate and spread the word about the great work that the Prince’s Trust does. Also, a huge thanks must go to Liverpool based architectural firm MgMaStudio for catering the event and providing copious amounts of Prosecco. A great example of a local innovative and creative company looking to give something back to their community.

Author - Aidan McManus

JCI Liverpool's next event is Learning From Experience: Business Challenges & How To Overcome Them which is taking place on Tuesday 15th July.

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20th Jun, 2014

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Hailed as the antidote to stress, resilience is the new buzzword in professional competence. Supported by prolific scientific research, everyone it seems, is investing in building and developing their resilience - individuals, owner-managers, accountancy firms and some of the largest corporations in business. To help its members better understand resilience and how it can be nurtured and developed, JCI Liverpool recently invited Carol McLachlan to host a training session dedicated to the subject.

Carol is the Chair of Liverpool Society of Chartered Accountants (LSCA) and an expert coach in learning and professional development. The training event, held at the offices of Hill Dickinson LLP, covered a variety of techniques based on research in neuroscience and Carol’s broad practical experience as a chartered accountant and executive business coach, She presented a toolkit of resources to help the audience develop resilience to survive and thrive in a professional environment of ever increasing complexity. These included such techniques as growth mindset, emotional intelligence, positive attitude, as well as developing a personal mission and goals. This aim of the session was to help those willing to embrace change build up personal resilience in order to adapt to future challenges.

I attended the training because, as a young professional at the beginning of my career, I am passionate about self-development. In addition, I wanted to develop the necessary skills to become as resilient and adaptable to inevitable change. This is becoming ever more important as the economy changes and the demands on professionals increase.

I found the workshop to be thoroughly enjoyable and extremely useful. The end result was that I left feeling that I have learnt about the importance of having a personal vision, mission and goals and ended the evening eager to put what I had learnt into practice. Many thanks to Carol for sharing her experience, enthusiasm and knowledge.

Author - Ben Cross

JCI Liverpool's next event is Learning From Experience: Business Challenges & How To Overcome Them which is taking place on Tuesday 15th July.

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