Get involved

JCI Liverpool encourages people who want to develop their skills and experience in a supportive environment to become a member, but more importantly to get involved! JCI is a learning by doing organisation and the more you get involved the more you'll get out of your membership. 

JCI has five areas of opportunity; business, training, community, international and social. They all go hand in hand and this combination makes JCI a great organisation for further developing your skills.

By getting involved you can gain practical hands-on experience, plan events, be part of a project team or take on a position within our council team. It also provides an opportunity to make new friends and get on in your career.

If you're interested in joining JCI Liverpool  we want to hear from you, answer any questions and ensure that you get the most out of becoming a member.

Please contact our Membership Director for more information about the benefits of membership, or join us today.